What is the sequence of events in implant treatment?

General remarks
After detailed examination and investigation, the dentist will assess the diagnostic materials such as X-rays and models and propose a treatment plan. Your doctor will tell you in detail about the treatment and restoration possibilities and will explain the best solution for you in joint discussion with you.

The surgical operation

An implant is normal inserted as a day surgery procedure under local anaesthetic. This is done as minimally invasively as possible. After preparation of the bone, the implant is inserted in the jaw.
In general, the mucosa is then closed over the implant for the duration of the healing phase.

The Exposure
Following osseointegration, the implant is exposed and the gum (gingiva) is shaped with the aid of a gingiva former. After 10-14 days, an impression can be taken, which acts as a basis for the dental technician to make your prosthesis.

Prosthetic Restoration
When your prosthesis is ready, it is fitted into your own dentition by securing it to the implant or implants. Depending on the type of fixed restoration, it can be screwed or cemented in place. In the case of removable solutions, your dentist will screw the abutments that will anchor your prosthesis to the implant and then fit the prosthesis.

The costs of implant treatment depend greatly on the type of restoration chosen or desired by the patient.
Because of the good prognosis and long-lasting durability, an implant-based restoration proves in most cases to be the better alternative in the long term.
Your dentist will draw up an individual treatment and cost plan and discuss this with you.

The risks of implantation are similar to those of any minor surgical procedure.

According to today’s information, 90-95% of placed implants are still functioning fully after 10 years. A precondition for this is the patient’s active cooperation through optimised oral hygiene, regular check-ups and professional tooth cleaning by a dental hygienist.

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